Best Gardening Gifts for Men (he’ll actually use!)

We know that finding a gardening gift for men can be tough. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of choices, it’s just that you want something special and unusual, and most importantly, something he’ll actually use and like. That’s the starting point for this round up of gardening gifts for men.

In this article, we’ll share the unique gardening gifts for him that we’ve been pining over all year. But, we want to be practical, too. And we’d love to hear your favorite gardening gifts men will love in the comments. 

Garden Gift Ideas For Men

Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow

 The WORX Aerocart wheelbarrow is so much more than a wheelbarrow. It easily turns into an extended dolly, flower pot mover, trailer mover, bag holder or cylinder carrier. There is so much you can do with WORX Aerocart accessories that the man in your life will feel like he’s getting a bunch of tools. With the WORX wheelbarrow convertor kit, it can become a snowplow or garden wagon.

The two oversized, flat-free tires never need inflating. The way the best WORX Aerocart is balanced makes the load easier to manage. In fact, a 200-pound load feels like 17 pounds. The Aerocart wheelbarrow can hold up to 300 pounds and about three cubic feet. As a dolly conversion, the WORX cart can carry 80 pounds.

Included with this wheelbarrow is a flower pot strap, cylinder holder, bag holder and mesh rock mover. WORX tools are well made and last a long time. I think this wheelbarrow is perfect if you’re looking for grandad garden gifts. Pop a few other gardening gifts for him in the wheelbarrow like some herbs and potting mix and he’ll be a happy man.

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Original Little Burro Wheelbarrow Tray

If he already has a wheelbarrow, he might appreciate this tray to sit atop the wheelbarrow and carry all his tools and other gardening items.

It fits most 4, 5, 6, and 7 cubic-foot wheelbarrows and will stay securely attached on the wheelbarrow angled up to 90 degrees.

The Little Burrow wheelbarrow caddy stores and carries 2 short-handled tools, 2 long-handled tools, 2 water bottles, personal items, and a tray of plants–all attached to your classic wheelbarrow.

It’s made in the USA of UV-resistant HDPE plastic and is easy to clean.  It weighs 6 lbs and is sturdy enough to carry a tray of plants, 80 lbs of topsoil, or a 5-gallon bucket.

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Garden Gadgets Gifts For Men

There is something about gadgets that men seem to love — women, too. I think it might be the promise of making life easier through technology. With our basic needs for survival mostly taken care of, we crave something more. Gadgets give us at least an illusion of control in an otherwise chaotic world or garden. 

To fill that need for gadgets in the garden, we’ve come up with the best gadget gifts for men.

Smart Garden Sprinkler Controller

 How about smart sprinkler to start our list of the best garden gadgets for men? This smart sprinkler controller is one of the best gardening gifts for him.

No matter where your gardening man is they can easily water their flowers by using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Simply download the Rachio App and it will take care of all your garden watering needs. By in-putting plant type and sun exposure the app will automatically provide the right amount of water required. The app even knows when it rains! If it rains or is forecasted to rain it will adjust the watering schedule.

This smart sprinkler controller is super easy to install and works with platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Seriously is this not one of the top gardening gifts in this guide?

Air-Pot Garden Propagation Pot

These Superoots Air-Pots come in several sizes and are great for starting seeds or seedling and transplanting them. What makes them so cool and gadgety is that you can use them for two seasons — the roots have plenty of space to grow between the recycled plastic mesh. 

For Father’s Day gardening gifts or any holiday when you want to put a smile on the face of a gardening man, these pots are perfect.

The Air-Pots can be used on plants and trees and produces non-spiraling root systems that are impossible to develop in any other available container. The Superoots Air-Pot is circular in shape with a perforated sidewall. There are no flat surfaces due to the inward and outward pointed cones, which eliminates any chance of starting the spiraling process as well as dramatically increasing growth rates. Plus, it’s tough to overwater since the water drains right through.

You get two with each order and they come in 1-gallon, 2-gallon, 3-gallon, 5-gallon and 7-gallon equivalent sizes.

Husqvarna Robot Lawn Mower

If you want to really get the best gardening presents for dad, then look no further than the Robot Lawn Mower. This must be one of the best gifts for the man who has everything! There will be no complaining about mowing the lawn again.

This Husqvarna robotic lawn mower has a powerful mower that keeps the lawn short and tidy while its owner is off doing other things. The Husqvarna robotic lawn mower 450X can mow a larger yard – up to 1.25 acres.

It doesn’t even matter if your yard isn’t a perfect square or even flat. The Husqvarna robotic mower has GPS navigation to help it manage complex yards. and nimbly climbs and descends slopes up to 25-degrees. The three pivoting blades cut from all directions, which helps prevent mold and gives the lawn a nice, clean-cut look.

One of the best features of this robot mower is that it adapts its mowing length to the growth pattern of your lawn. It uses the GPS to create a map of your lawn and adjusts its pattern to mow the lawn evenly. If the Husqvarna Automower needs to run through a small opening to get from one section of the lawn to another repeatedly, it won’t scalp that area. This is truly a smart mower.

The Husq mower will return to the charger when the battery gets low or when the weather gets too bad, but it does mow in the rain. So Dad can just sit back and relax. Seriously, unusual gifts for him don’t get much better than this.

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Gardening Clothes For Men

Most people want to protect themselves from sun and the elements in the yard. This list of  gardening clothing for men will keep him comfortable during a day outside. From gardening hats for men to gardening boots for men, we’ve got him covered from head to toe.

Garden Hats for Men

Starting at the top, we found a gardening hat men will want to wear. This Wide Brim Sun Hat will give a man’s noggin maximum sun protection. We admit that it is a little goofy looking, but it gets the job done and is one of the more unique garden gifts. This is the gardening hat for men that need to take extra care in the sun.

 Straw Gardening Hats for men will also provide great sun protection with a little more ventilation than the other gardening hats for men and looks as appropriate at the beach and on the river as it does in the backyard.

Pine Tree Gloves

 Good quality gloves like these pine tree gloves make fantastic gift ideas. Made with bamboo to absorb perspiration as well as providing ventilation, these gloves feel like a second skin, that’s why we consider these the best gardening gloves for men.

No need to remove these gloves between gardening tasks, they are even touchscreen friendly, so your friend can even respond to your text messages while gardening. They also come in a range of sizes so you can get the perfect fit. We like these as one of the gardening gifts for grandad, too.

Garden Shoes for Men

For footwear, we like these gardening clogs for men for warm days. The Sloggers Premium Garden Clog is anti-microbial and easily cleaned. You could even wear them with socks, which we don’t recommend, but dads will be dads.

For a little more coverage than a clog, the Muck Boot Rubber Garden Shoes fit the bill. They are easily washable rubber with neoprene around the ankle to keep the warmth in and dirt out.

We love these Muck Boot Scrub Boots. The low calf height, waterproof boot has a breathable lining that keeps them comfortable all day. These are gardening boots men will love and use all the time. Plus, Muck Boot is known for their long lasting quality.

When gardening for men gets taken to the next level, these Tall Gardening Boots will keep him in dry feet and good traction. The Lightweight foot form contour cushion insole provides arch and heel support, and is removable, washable and replaceable; steel shank provides additional support, reducing leg and foot fatigue, and the PVC poly-blend is resistant to agricultural chemicals.

Gifts For Landscapers

Gorilla Cart

 This lawn and garden cart features a quick release dump feature making it quick and easy to unload. This Gorilla dump cart is a great alternative to a traditional heavy-duty wheelbarrow as it’s lightweight and super easy to maneuver.

This Gorilla lawn cart has a poly bed which measures 36 inches by 20 inches and has a capacity to carry up to 600 lbs. Being constructed from poly, it’s easy to clean and you don’t need to worry about it rusting. Other features of this best garden dump cart include a padded pull handle, 10-inch pneumatic tires and it comes with a one year warranty.

Turn this wheelbarrow into multiple gardening gifts for dad by adding a few flower pots and soil, or better yet pop in the garden tool gifts listed below.

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DIY Gifts for Men

Mushroom Growing Kit

 Looking for a DIY gifts for men? A mushroom growing kit is also the perfect gift for gardener who has everything. This kit comes with absolutely everything to get started growing mushrooms right away.

The kit comes with organic shiitake mushroom log, a humidity tent, spray bottom and instructions. This is perfect not just for the gardener but the home chef too, I mean what’s better than eating your own home-grown mushrooms? This is one of our favorite cool gifts for him because it benefits everyone in the household with delicious shrooms.

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Practical Gifts For Male Gardeners 

Garden Tool Set

 Gardening gift ideas for dad or the other men in your life, must include a garden tools gift set. This Gardening Gift Set includes 12 heavy duty tools with a hard storage case. The tools include secateurs, pruning saw, trowel pruner, grass shears, water spray bottle, tape measure, and more. We especially like the 100% refund – 180-day warranty.

Envirocycle Compost Tumbler

 Yard gifts for dad don’t get much more practical than backyard compost bins, and this turning compost bin is sure to be a hit with any vegetable gardener.

No more hideous looking compost containers in the backyard, as the makers of the Environcycle compost tumbler claim that not only is this one of the best composting tumblers in the world but that it’s the most beautiful composter in the world! Its compact design and clean lines certainly will make it blend in with any backyard or patio.

This composter is super solid, made from food safe, BPA and rust free, UV and antioxidant protected materials. The drum rotates on the top to create solid compost, while the base allows you to collect the excess liquid for liquid fertilizer.

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Garden Hamper

 This 3-pack collapsible garden bag isn’t the sexiest garden gift, but it may be one of the most useful gifts for men who work in the yard. Each gardening hamper holds 45 gallons of leaves, grass clippings, or whatever else you are cleaning up in the yard. It’s perfect for collecting fall leaves that you’ve blown into piles with your backpack leaf blower or a rake.

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