Guide To The Best Gifts for Gardeners

Guide To The Best Gifts for Gardeners

In this best gifts for gardeners guide, I’m going to help you find great Christmas presents for garden lovers in your life. Whether you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy mom, gifts for landscapers dads or even just Christmas garden ideas for your own backyard; you’ll find some great garden present ideas in this guide.

The awesome thing about looking for great gifts for gardeners, is that gardeners are passionate about their craft and are thinking about their garden all year round. They also usually like a specific type of gardening, which can help you narrow your list of garden present ideas for them. Consider whether they like vegetable gardens, flower gardens, ornament yard, green house gardening, or a cold frame. This will help you short list your backyard gift ideas.

To help you even further to buy the perfect gift, this guide is broken up into the following sections:

  • Best Gardening Gifts for Men
  • Best Gardening Gifts for Women
  • Best Indoor Gardening Gifts
  • Best Budget Friendly Gifts for Gardeners
  • Best Gifts for Vegetable Gardeners
  • Best Gifts for Flower Gardeners
  • Best Gifts for Gardeners who have everything
  • Best Greenhouse Gifts
  • Best Gardening Gift Basket Ideas
  • Best Personalised Garden Gifts
  • Best Funny Gardening Gifts
  • Best Gardening Books for Gifts

Best Gardening Gifts for Men

We all know men never grow out of their toys, they want gifts they can play with, even if it is while gardening. So if you are looking for gardening gifts for men in your life, think high tech and gadgets and you won’t go wrong!

Here are a couple of cool gardening tools for the garden that would make great gardening gifts for Dad or any other men in your life.

These are excerpted from my post on best gardening gifts for men – be sure to check them all out!

Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow

The WORX Aerocart wheelbarrow is so much more than a wheelbarrow. It easily turns into an extended dolly, flower pot mover, trailer mover, bag holder or cylinder carrier. There is so much you can do with WORX Aerocart accessories that the man in your life will feel like he’s getting a bunch of tools. With the WORX wheelbarrow convertor kit, it can become a snowplow or garden wagon.

The two oversized, flat-free tires never need inflating. The way the best WORX Aerocart is balanced makes the load easier to manage. In fact, a 200-pound load feels like 17 pounds. The Aerocart wheelbarrow can hold up to 300 pounds and about three cubic feet. As a dolly conversion, the WORX cart can carry 80 pounds.

Included with this wheelbarrow is a flower pot strap, cylinder holder, bag holder and mesh rock mover. WORX tools are well made and last a long time. I think this wheelbarrow is perfect if you’re looking for Grandad garden gifts. Pop a few other gardening gifts for him in the wheelbarrow like some herbs and potting mix and he’ll be a happy Grandad on Christmas day.

Click here for more wheelbarrow reviews.

Husqvarna Robot Lawn Mower

If you want to really get the best gardening presents for Dad on Christmas day, then look no further than the Robot Lawn Mower. This must be one of the best gifts for the man who has everything! Dad will never complain about mowing the lawn again.

This Husqvarna robotic lawn mower has a powerful mower that keeps the lawn short and tidy while its owner is off doing other things. The Husqvarna robotic lawn mower 450X can mow a larger yard – up to 1.25 acres.

It doesn’t even matter if your yard isn’t a perfect square or even flat. The Husqvarna robotic mower has GPS navigation to help it manage complex yards. and nimbly climbs and descends slopes up to 25-degrees. The three pivoting blades cut from all directions, which helps prevent mold and gives the lawn a nice, clean-cut look.

One of the best features of this robot mower is that it adapts its mowing length to the growth pattern of your lawn. It uses the GPS to create a map of your lawn and adjusts its pattern to mow the lawn evenly. If the Husqvarna Automower needs to run through a small opening to get from one section of the lawn to another repeatedly, it won’t scalp that area. This is truly a smart mower.

The Husq mower will return to the charger when the battery gets low or when the weather gets too bad, but it does mow in the rain. So Dad can just sit back and relax. Seriously gardening presents for him don’t get much better than this.

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In this best gifts for gardeners guide, I’m going to help you find great presents for garden lovers in your life. Whether you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy mom, gifts for landscapers dads or even just Christmas garden ideas for your own backyard; you’ll find some great garden present ideas in this guide.

Best Gardening Gifts for Women

So now that the men in your life are taken care of what about the women? When considering gardening gifts for women, be sure to pay attention to purchasing tools that are sized appropriately for women and look for items that will make their lives easier when gardening. Women like to be independent right?

Here are a couple of ladies gardening gifts that would make great gifts for the women gardeners in your life.

Gorilla Cart

This lawn and garden cart features a quick release dump feature making it quick and easy to unload. This Gorilla dump cart is a great alternative to a traditional heavy-duty wheelbarrow as it’s lightweight and super easy to maneuver.

This Gorilla lawn cart has a poly bed which measures 36 inches by 20 inches and has a capacity to carry up to 600 lbs. Being constructed from poly, it’s easy to clean and you don’t need to worry about it rusting. Other features of this best garden dump cart include a padded pull handle, 10-inch pneumatic tires and it comes with a one year warranty.

Turn this wheelbarrow into a gardening gift set for Mom by adding a few flower pots and soil, or better yet pop in the garden tool gifts listed below.

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VREMI Horticulture Helper Garden Tools Set

If you’re looking for a gardening tool set for Mom, you’ll love the 9-piece VREMI Horticulture Helper Garden Tool Set.

This garden tools gift set includes everything the woman gardener needs. It comes with a trowel shovel, rake hoe, weeder, spade, cultivator, pruning shears, watering spray bottle, and gardening gloves. And it also comes in its own easy to carry storage caddy so it’s super easy for Mom to carry it around the backyard.

All the tools are made from rust resistant aluminum and stainless steel, so they will last the distance and won’t bend when being used for tough gardening tasks. Each tool also has soft, ergonomic rubber handles to help reduce fatigue during repetitive tasks making them perfect for the senior ladies too.

Not only will Mom love you for this tool set, but gardening gift sets for her like this, mean more down time for you too as she won’t be asking you to help her carry all her gardening tools!

In this best gifts for gardeners guide, I’m going to help you find great presents for garden lovers in your life. Whether you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy mom, gifts for landscapers dads or even just Christmas garden ideas for your own backyard; you’ll find some great garden present ideas in this guide.

Best Indoor Gardening Gifts

Perhaps where you live the weather doesn’t permit much outside gardening, or maybe the gardener in your life just doesn’t have a yard so instead they like to garden inside. So here are a few indoor gardening gifts to consider.

Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem

Aquaponic aquariums are great little gifts and this one is perfect if you’re after the best aquaponics system for beginners.

This is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows plants on top! The fish water fertilizes the plants, while the plants clean the water. How neat is that! Plus, if you grow greens, you can even eat them.

Aquaponic tanks like this, make the perfect gift for that special someone that you just don’t know what to get. This would be perfect for a child or even an office worker who could keep it on their desk in the office. It comes with everything they need except a fish!

Mushroom Growing Kit

A mushroom growing kit is also the perfect gift for gardener who has everything. This kit comes with absolutely everything to get started growing mushrooms right away.

The kit comes with organic shiitake mushroom log, a humidity tent, spray bottom and instructions. This is perfect not just for the gardener but the home chef too, I mean what’s better than eating your own home-grown mushrooms!

Click here to learn more about growing your own mushrooms at home.

best gifts for gardeners

Best Budget Friendly Gifts For Gardeners

The best thing about yard gifts, is that you don’t have to spend loads of money for the perfect garden accessories ideas. Sometimes the most useful gift ideas for plant lovers and cool things for the garden are often the cheapest.

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler

If you’re looking for cool garden gadgets on a budget, then check out this gardener kneeler. Your friend is going to love you for this gift as not only will their knees be protected while gardening on the ground but flip it over and it converts to a garden chair too!

When not in use, this garden kneeling pad folds up easily which is perfect for storage. It’s sturdy yet lightweight, made with a steel frame and extra thick EVA pad. It also comes with two gardening tool pouches, which easily attach to the chair with Velcro, so it can store various gardening tools.

Pine Tree Gloves

Good quality gloves like these pine tree gloves make fantastic gift ideas. Made with bamboo to absorb perspiration as well as providing ventilation, these gloves feel like a second skin.

No need to remove these gloves between gardening tasks, they are even touchscreen friendly, so your friend can even respond to your text messages while gardening! They also come in a range of sizes so you can get the perfect fit.

Best Gifts for Vegetable Gardeners

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who just loves growing their own vegetables so you’re wondering what make the best gifts for vegetable gardeners. People who are growing their own food have different interests than folks growing ornamentals or only flowers – choose a gift specific to them.

Here are a few cool gardening gifts for the people in your life that love to grow vegetables.

Keter Urban Elevated Planter Box

This elevated planter box makes a great gift for those vegetable gardeners who don’t necessarily have loads of room, or even perfect if you’re looking for the best gifts for older gardeners, as they don’t need to bend down while tending to their veggies.

This self-watering planter box is made from weatherproof durable resin and has UV protecting to ensure it doesn’t fade. It has some great features including a detachable seed sprouting tray, water gauge so you know exactly when it’s time to top up the water, as well as a water reservoir to keep the soil at the optimum moisture level. There is even a bottom shelf perfect for storage.

Garden Basket

Now this garden basket is great if you’re looking for good gifts for gardeners. Your friend will thank you for this gorgeous basket to put their vegetables in. Hand made by villagers in Africa, using only natural and locally sourced materials, this 15-17 inch in diameter basket is the perfect size for home-grown vegetables.

Envirocycle Compost Tumbler

Green thumb gifts don’t get much more practical than backyard compost bins, and this turning compost bin is sure to be a hit with any vegetable gardener.

No more hideous looking compost containers in the backyard, as the makers of the Environcycle compost tumbler claim that not only is this one of the best composting tumblers in the world but that it’s the most beautiful composter in the world! It’s compact design and clean lines certainly will make it blend in with any backyard or patio.

This composter is super solid, made from food safe, BPA and rust free, UV and antioxidant protected materials. The drum rotates on the top to create solid compost, while the base allows you to collect the excess liquid for liquid fertilizer.

Read more about how to compost here.

Vegetable Spiralizer

Vegetable garden gift ideas don’t always have to be something to use in the garden, sometimes the best presents for gardeners, particularly vegetable gardeners, are gadgets they can use in the kitchen to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Vegetable spiralizers are fantastic, turning all sorts of vegetables into beautiful salads and great alternatives to noodles. However be sure to get a good quality one like this Spiralizer to ensure it lasts the distance and makes it a breeze to slice up even the toughest vegetables.

This particular spiralizer comes with seven different blades as well as a blade caddy for storage. It also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee, so you know you’re purchasing a quality product.

best gifts for flower gardeners

Best Gifts for Flower Gardeners  

Flower gardeners like pretty things and want to focus on flowers rather than keeping the yard alive.

Potting Bench

A potting bench is one of the great gifts for flower gardeners as they’ll love having somewhere they can not only grow their seedlings from, but also somewhere to keep all their cute gardening tools too. Flower gardeners will just love spending hours pottering away at this solid wood bench.

Smart Garden Sprinkler Controller

How about some of the best garden gadgets for the flower gardeners? This smart sprinkler controller would have to be one of the best gifts for plant lovers.

No matter where your flower gardening friends are they can easily water their flowers by using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Simply download the Rachio App and it will take care of all your gardens watering needs. By inputting plant type and sun exposure the app will automatically provide the right amount of water required. The app even knows when it rains! If it rains or is forecasted to rain it will adjust the watering schedule.

This smart sprinkler controller is super easy to install and works with platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Seriously is this not one of the top gardening gifts in this guide?!

Best Gifts for The Gardener Who Has Everything

Still can’t think of any gardening gift ideas for Dad or gardening gifts for Mom? Maybe you need to consider gifts for the gardener who has everything! These unusual gifts for garden lovers may just be what you’re looking for.

Original Little Burro Wheelbarrow Tray

If your favorite gardener already has a wheelbarrow, they might appreciate this tray to sit atop the wheelbarrow and carry all their tools and other gardening items.

It fits most 4, 5, 6, and 7 cubic-foot wheelbarrows and will stay securely attached on the wheelbarrow angled up to 90 degrees.

The Little Burrow wheelbarrow caddy stores and carries 2 short-handled tools, 2 long-handled tools, 2 water bottles, personal items, and a tray of plants–all attached to your classic wheelbarrow.

It’s made in the USA of UV-resistant HDPE plastic and is easy to clean.  It weighs 6 lbs and is sturdy enough to carry a tray of plants, 80 lbs of topsoil, or a 5-gallon bucket.

Be sure to check out the other wheelbarrow accessories.

Glass Terrarium

This H Potter glass terrarium case planter would be great for the gardener who lives in an apartment or perhaps for the gardener that works in an office as they could easily keep this on their desk.

This medium sized planter box comes in a vintage design, sitting on top of a gray powder coated metal tray and resting on ornate ball feet. The green stained accent glass adds color, while the brass finishes add some elegance. Your friend will just love creating a miniature garden in this handcrafted terrarium, which will no doubt be a talking point for all that see it.

Solitary Bee House and Wildflower Seed Mix

If you’re after presents for gardeners, unusual presents that is, then they don’t come much more unusual then this Mason Bee House.

This bee house is perfect for the beginner as it comes with everything required to get started. This kit comes with a wildflower seeds starter mix, which will not only attract bees but also provide them with quality food. It also comes with a complete guide with instructions on everything you need to know about creating the perfect bee house. The bee house itself is made from durable fir wood, which is designed to last.

Adults and kids alike are going to love learning about the life cycle of bees. With this kit you can watch adult bees caring for their young, build reserves and pollinate the yard.

best gifts for greenhouse gardeners

Best Greenhouse Gifts

If you know someone who likes to garden all year round, regardless of the season, then perhaps some of these greenhouse gifts would be perfect for them.

Mini Greenhouse with Shelves

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for people who like to garden all year round, then this mini greenhouse could be what you’re after.

With its nice and compact size, this is the perfect greenhouse for those with a small backyard. This greenhouse is made with a strong steel frame, which is easy to assemble within minutes without tools and includes a clear polyethylene cover, which rolls up for easy access.

Gardners can get a head start on the season by planting seeds or seedlings and can even create their own garden plant gifts in this mini greenhouse.

Seed Starter Kit

Even non-gardeners love growing their own herbs these days, so a little herb garden starter kit like this is great if you’re looking for some really cool garden stuff to get friends or family members. Particularly for DIY home cooks.

This indoor growing kit comes with everything you need to grow your own delicious and organic herbs. Included is five biodegradable growing pots, 5 seed packets (basil, thyme, sage, parsley and cilantro), five plant markers and 10 compressed soil pods.

This seed starter kit is perfect for anyone looking for plant gift ideas for gardeners of all levels or even for kids.

Best Gardening Gift Basket Ideas

Gardening gift baskets are great if you really don’t know what to get the gardener in your life as they usually come with a range of consumable items for use both in the garden and home. If you’re looking for garden gifts for Mum, I think gift baskets particularly make for nice garden presents for her.

Here are a few gardening gift basket ideas for you to consider.

Kit4Pros Garden Tools Kit Basket

This gardening kit gift contains a range of things for the gardener to use when they are in the garden.

Garden things included in this gardening gift box are: shears, trowel, hand rake, cultivator, transplanter, weeder, sprayer, gloves, and a tote organizer

We recommend adding some lovely tea, cookies, and moisturizing hand cream. Then after a day of gardening they can sit back and relax.

Deluxe Gardening Tool Gift Basket Set

A ladies gardening tools gift set is a nice gift for mom or grandma. This basket set includes some great outdoor gifts for her.

Included are three seed packs, pair of gardening gloves, garden rake, mini shovel one garden flag, and even two flower hair clips. The garden tools are made from heavy duty metal and have a wooden handle covered with a foam grip for extra comfort.

This garden tools gift set comes displayed in a nice galvanized tin garden planter wrapped with a bow ready to give to the favorite lady gardener in your life.

Best Personalized Garden Gifts

Maybe you like getting unique garden gifts, perhaps personalized garden gifts that show a bit of thought. Here’s a few gift ideas for garden lovers that you might like to consider.

Personalized Wind Chimes

I think these personalized wind chimes are perfect if you’re in need of gifts for gardeners who have everything. You can have up to four lines (18 characters per line) engraved on the side, so plenty of space to provide a personalized message.

These wind chimes are designed to play “Amazing Grace” via the 6 hand tuned aluminum tubes. Made from recycled materials and with a length of 25 inches, these will make a lovely gift. Perfect for Mom’s garden or any other friend that enjoys spending time outside.

Personalized Garden Flag

Cool garden ideas and gifts don’t have to be all about outdoor plant gifts. How about this personalized garden flag to brighten up the garden or patio?

This two-sided design garden flag is made from 100% polyester and suitable for all weather conditions. For that personal touch simply add the family name and hometown of your friend or family member.

best funny gardening gifts

Best Funny Gardening Gifts

Ok, we all have those family members or friends that always get us the most ridiculous gifts, now it’s your turn to get them back with these funny gardening gifts.

Zen Garden Gnome Statue

Nothing says novelty garden gifts more than this Zen garden gnome. This eight-inch hippie garden gnome sits in the lotus position while a bluebird rests in his beard.

Funky Vegetable Kit

How about quirky garden gifts like this funky veg kit? These funky garden gifts include everything you need to grow the most outrageous looking vegetables you can image!

With this kit you can grow purple carrots, yellow zucchinis, stripped tomatoes, red Brussels sprouts and multi colored Swiss chard. The kids will never not eat their veggies again! Every kit includes five biodegradable pots, five peat discs that expand to seven times their size when watered, five plant markers and five foil sealed seed sachets. Seriously you won’t find any cool plant gifts quite like this one!

Best Gardening Books For Gifts

book, yellow flowers, and an apple

There is a long stretch of the year in some parts of the world, where gardeners can’t garden. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about gardening. Here are some of my favorite books to give gardeners.

Wicked Plants, The Drunken Botanist, and Wicked Bugsby Amy Stewart

I started reading Amy Stewarts writing when following her on her website She’s funny and knowledgeable, and obviously has a deep affinity for plants and the garden. I would happily read every one of her books on gardening. Wicked Plants is an A-Z of plants that can kill, injure, or do you harm…but in an amusing way. Stewart writes about,”a tree that sheds poison daggers; a glistening red seed that stops the heart; a shrub that causes paralysis; a vine that strangles; and a leaf that triggered a war.”

The Drunken Botanist is all about plants that can become alcohol. “Sake began with a grain of rice. Scotch emerged from barley, tequila from agave, rum from sugarcane, bourbon from corn. Thirsty yet?  In The Drunken Botanist, Amy Stewart explores the dizzying array of herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, and fungi that humans have, through ingenuity, inspiration, and sheer desperation, contrived to transform into alcohol over the centuries.” Plus, there are a bunch of recipes so you can make your own botanic cocktail.

In Wicked Bugs, Stewart “tracked down over one hundred of our worst entomological foes—creatures that infest, infect, and generally wreak havoc on human affairs. From the world’s most painful hornet, to the flies that transmit deadly diseases, to millipedes that stop traffic, to the “bookworms” that devour libraries, to the Japanese beetles munching on your roses, Wicked Bugs delves into the extraordinary powers of six- and eight-legged creatures.” Great illustrations, too.

Gardenlust: A Botanical Tour of the World’s Best New Gardens

In this beautiful book, you get to tour 50 of the world’s best gardens, without leaving your couch. Plant expert Christopher Woods takes you around the world to showcase gardens that inspire. Anyone can find the garden landscaping ideas and gardening tips useful.

“Featuring both private and public gardens, this journey makes its way from the Americas and Europe to Australia and New Zealand, with stops in Asia, Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula. Along the way, you’ll learn about the people, plants, and stories that make these iconic gardens so lust-worthy.”

Beware — it just might inspire your favorite gardener to take flight to explore these gardens on their own.

In this best gifts for gardeners guide, I’m going to help you find great presents for garden lovers in your life. Whether you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy mom, gifts for landscapers dads or even just Christmas garden ideas for your own backyard; you’ll find some great garden present ideas in this guide.In this best gifts for gardeners guide, I’m going to help you find great presents for garden lovers in your life. Whether you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy mom, gifts for landscapers dads or even just Christmas garden ideas for your own backyard; you’ll find some great garden present ideas in this guide. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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