Heavily Scented Plants For Your Garden

heavily scented plants magnolia

I love when my garden smells as good as it looks. When I am pulling weeds or hauling mulch in a wheelbarrow, I want to enjoy the sweet scents of past efforts.

Including scented plants in your flower garden is a way of adding another layer of beauty and involving more senses.

Combine beauty and fragrance in your garden with some of these easy-to-grow scented plants.


magnolia is a good smelling tree

Magnolia is a fragrant, flowering tree that has glossy green leaves that are often used in floral arrangements. Mature tree will reach 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide.


lavender smells good in the garden

Lavender thrives in areas with dry air and low humidity. Compact plants produce fragrant spikes of purple flowers. Plants will be around one foot tall and equally as wide. I especially love drying lavender and diffusing it my glass essential oil nebulizer.


Lilies are heavily scented flowers

Lilies come in a wide range of bloom colors that are borne in rows on tall stems. Bottom blooms open first, then work their way up the stem with new blooms opening for about one month in spring. Some lilies are really hardy and will spread with gusto.


choisya mexican orange

Choiysa, commonly known as Mexican orange, is an evergreen fragrant shrub that grows best in partial shade. Adaptable to most soil conditions, the small choiysa shrub will produce fragrant white blooms in early summer.



Wisteria is a fast growing vine that produces hanging clusters of fragrant purple blooms. The vine loves full sun and moist soil. Wisteria will not bloom for three to five years after planting, then fragrant blooms will appear in early summer. Mature vines will reach 20 feet, but can be pruned to any desired length.


honeysuckle bloom

Honeysuckle produces fragrant blooms in early summer in shades of yellow, orange, or red, depending on the variety planted. Vines will reach a mature length of 20 feet and the fragrant blooms will attract pollinators.


phlox flower

Phlox is a low-growing, mounding ground cover that produces fragrant blooms in early spring. This perennial plant produces bloom colors of white, pink, purple, and red. Plant in full sun and space plants one foot apart.


stock flowers

Stock is a tall annual plant that produces an abundance of fragrant flowers in early spring. Blooms give off a spicy, sweet fragrance and make ideal cut flowers. Bloom colors include pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. Stock is one of many varieties and cultivars of Matthiola incana.



Jasmine is an evergreen vine that produces a multitude of tiny white fragrant flowers in spring. Plant in full sun and provide support for the fast growing vine, which can reach up to 15 feet in length when mature.



Hyacinth produces stalks of colorful, fragrant blooms from spring bulbs. Plant bulbs in early fall. Hyacinths bloom in early spring on 10-inch stalks in bloom colors like pink, purple, and white. Perennial flowering bulbs will naturalize and produce fragrant blooms for years.

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