Jackson Wheelbarrow Review

Jackson Wheelbarrow Review

The Jackson Total Control Wheelbarrow is a workhorse. It’s built for job site use, which means it is built to last. The best part of this Jackson wheelbarrow is handles. Since they are curved, you can push, pull, and turn with ease. Unlike a regular wheelbarrow handles that you pick up and push, the Total Control Wheelbarrow handles are made for getting behind and pushing or pulling.


  • Ergonomic total control steel handles
  • Professional grade steel undercarriage
  • Patented cleat leg stabilizers
  • Flat free tire
  • 16 gauge heavy duty steel handles


  • 58 x 25.5 x 27 inches
  • 10 pounds
  • holds 6 cubic feet of material


  • Tough wheelbarrow that will last
  • great maneuverability
  • Curved handles make for easy control


  • paint may wear off on handles

 Summary – 9/10

This is a basic, tough, do everything wheelbarrow for the construction site or the yard. Whether you want to mix concrete, transport rocks, or move manure, the Jackson Total Control Wheelbarrow is one that will last a long time.

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